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Delivery Radius: Do you deliver to my address? 
Standard delivery rates are only available for orders within 12 miles of any of our retail locations. 

If your address falls outside our delivery radius or for special circumstances and/or large orders, please contact us at for pricing. Please note that additional fees for service outside the standard delivery radius will also be collected for removal service.


Delivery Turnaround: How soon can my tree be delivered? 

We highly recommend scheduling your delivery as early as possible! Once the season is underway it is difficult to turn orders around in 24 hours.

  • Trees under 12 ft tall - Orders can be placed for next day delivery until 8 pm the evening prior**. (Subject to availability.)

  • Trees 12 ft and larger - Orders for trees 12 ft+ can be scheduled for delivery 48 hrs after the order has been placed.

Is Same Day Delivery available: 

  • Same day delivery is available for an additional fee of $75.  If you’re interested in a same-day delivery please call/text 678-964-7066 to speak with our customer service team. Pending tree availability and schedules, we will do our best to accommodate.

**If your building requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for delivery, please order that during checkout. Please refer to the COI section below as we request at least 2 business days between time of order and time of delivery to secure your COI. 


Delivery Windows:
Our teams will deliver trees 7 days a week from November 15th - December 23rd (including Thanksgiving)*. Delivery appointments will be scheduled in 4 hour windows, subject to availability. 

8:00 am - 12:00 pm 
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

*Please note that deliveries in our extended radius may have restricted delivery days / timeslots. These restrictions will be noted at checkout when you are selecting your delivery date/time.  


Delivery & Removal Process
Please make sure that the contact phone number provided at checkout is a valid U.S. cell phone number to allow you to receive all day-of delivery notifications. Please be reachable at this number for the full duration of your delivery window.  The day-of communication process will be as follows:

1. When our team is on the way to your location, you will receive an SMS message to the contact phone number you provide at checkout with the location of your driver and estimated time of arrival in real time. 
2. You will receive another SMS message when the driver has arrived at your location.  
3. Our team will give the tree a fresh cut and prep it in the tree stand before bringing it into your home. We bring the trees in wrapped in a tarp.

4. The team will install the tree at your instructions and will move any furniture necessary—you don’t need to lift a finger. Once the tree is secure, the team will fill the stand with water.

5. For Removals, communications are similar to delivery (text/call when on the way and text/call when arrived). Our team will safely take the tree down, wrap in a tarp, load into the truck for recycling, sweep and shop vac the area with our tools/machines, and move any furniture.

For Condo’s and residential towers with gated or guarded access we need to know all policies for contractors/vendors prior to your delivery! If your building requires a COI for delivery, Tradition will provide one with at least 5 days prior notification. To request a COI, please follow the steps below to ensure a seamless delivery process:

  1. Check with your building if a COI is required. If so, please request a sample COI from them with their specific requirements. 

  2. At the time of placing your order, please add-on the COI request to your cart for purchase.

  3. When selecting your delivery window, please allow for a minimum of 3 business days between the time the order is placed and the time of delivery to allow enough time to secure the COI prior to delivery. 

Please note: If our team arrives for a scheduled tree delivery and is turned away by the building because a COI has not been requested in advance there will be a $50 re-delivery fee.

                                                                         Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy:

Order Rescheduling:
Any changes to your appointment date/time must be made 24 hours before the scheduled date and time. Reschedule requests within 24 hours of delivery are subject to a $50 rescheduling fee. 

Order Cancellation:

Order cancellations made prior to 48hrs before the start of your delivery window will be fully refunded.  

  • Order cancellations made less than 48hrs before the start of your delivery window will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. 


Tree Swap:
At Tradition, delivering you the perfect tree is important to us and satisfaction is guaranteed. If there is something wrong with your tree our team will make every effort to replace the tree up to one time. Below is a list of tree issues that may qualify for a swap upon review by the Tradition team:


  1. I ordered a tree that is too large / too small: If your tree arrives and you find that you have ordered a tree that is too large or too small, please call or text our customer service team at 678-964-7066 or email Our team will arrange a day/time frame for a swap to replace the tree previously delivered for a tree that better fits your size needs. Please note that you will be charged a re-delivery fee of $50. Additionally, if you have upgraded to a larger size tree, you will also be charged for the difference in price between the original tree and the new, larger tree.

  2. I’m not happy with the shape of my tree: It takes a minimum of 24 hrs after delivery for the tree’s branches to settle after having been tied during transport.  After 24 hrs, if you are still unhappy with the shape of the tree, please take photos and email to or text pictures to 678-964-7066. Our team will review your case and if warranted, will work to schedule a tree swap.  Please do not contact us for a swap until after the 24 hr window has passed, as no action will be taken until we have given the tree ample time to acclimate. 

  3. My tree is not drinking water / very dry: When the trees go from being outside in the cold winter air to heated homes it is often a shock to their system. If your tree does not begin drinking immediately, don’t panic.  Oftentimes, it takes 24-48 hrs for them to adjust to their new environment before they begin to drink.  Please refer to these Tree Care tips some methods to help the tree to acclimate.  Please do not contact us for a swap unless at least 48 hrs have passed without the tree drinking any water.  No action will be taken until we have given the tree ample time to acclimate. 

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